Shopping: Vegan Mothers Day Gifts

Truffle Pig Vegan

Truffle Pig, a Sheffield based vegan company, have teamed up with Hard Times Vegan to create a Mother’s Day gift to totally spoil the taste buds. Included in the gift in a mixed box of 12 handmade chocolate truffles; a raspberry and rose milk chocolate bar and handcrafted gin and tonic cheese. Priced at £17.45 these boxes are limited in numbers and will be sent out on Thursday 8th March to reach Mother’s everywhere on Sunday.

Fliss Fancy 

Fliss Fancy is another independent vegan company hand-making all their own chocolates. For Mother’s Day why not get one of their personalised boxes that include delights such as Biscoff truffles and peanut butter bites? £15 plus free shipping. Sounds ideal to me!

Vegan Choc Shop

I’m honestly struggling to write this post because oh my gosh it all looks so good but for what Vegan Choc Shop are offering I would probably walk to the ends of the Earth. For £22 you can get your Mum a gift wrapped box that contains 1 white lemon Wal’not Whip; 1 caramel heart; 1 strawberry cream egg; 1 sweet rose choc and 1 peanut cup PLUS 1 free hazelnut rocher. Get in quick these are sure to sell out!

Wilton Street Craft Co

Ready gift wrapped and in a range of unique scents such as Earl Grey and Sloe Gin these candles are all vegan and waiting to fill your Mum’s home with a beautiful scent.

Plant Based Cards 

Want to be what my daughter would call “extra” this Mother’s Day? How about one of these cute little cards that are just £1.99.

Eden Perfumes 

Brighton based Eden Perfumes are saving the vegan perfume world one spritz at a time. Completely vegan and cruelty free you can match up your favourite non-vegan perfume to get their alternative or perhaps try a new scent. If you’re not sure which one your Mum will like there is always the option to buy a gift certificate.

Slab Fudge 

Slab Fudge are not exclusively a vegan company but they do offer many of their flavours made with coconut cream instead of dairy. Yay for vegan options! Until Tuesday 6th March if you buy any 4 slabs and a gift box you can get one of the slabs for free with the code MOTHERSDAY entered at checkout.

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