Vegan Company Masterlist

This is a huge work in progress of a master list of vegan companies – from bakers, cafes and restaurants to soaps and jewellery.  If you want to be featured on this list it may be that you’re already going to be we’ve just not got around to it yet but give us a message anyway! The majority of these companies will be UK based but if they’re not they will either ship to the UK or have a UK stockist. Some of these companies will also cross over into other categories but we’ve listed them under what they mainly are known for.

*If marked with an asterisk not all their products are vegan but majority will be!


  1. Badgal Lash
  2. Pacifica
  3. Miss Organics
  4. Primal Suds
  5. Eden Perfumes
  6. Arbonne
  7. VE Cosmetics
  8. Greener Beauty
  9. Pureology
  10. Arctic Fox Hair Colour
  11. Kingdom Cosmetics

Cafes and Bakeries


  1. Capercaillie Coffee House (Huntly)
  2. In Bloom (Glasgow)


  1. Dough Society
  2. The London Vegan Bakery
  3. Cookies and Scream
  4. Love Shack
  5. French Vegan Patisserie


  1. Blanche Bakery (Cardiff)

South West

  1. The Planet (Taunton)
  2. Rabbit (Exeter)
  3. The Accidental Vegan Cafe (Honiton)
  4. Cafe Kino (Bristol)
  5. The Kind Grind (Torquay)
  6. Purity Petal (Barnstaple)


  1. Lucyat35 (Ely)


  1. Make No Bones (Sheffield)

North East

  1. Glazed Donuts (Gateshead)
  2. Super Natural Cafe (Newcastle)

North West

  1. Vegan Delights (Cheshire)



  1. Liberty Vegan
  2. Nomads 
  3. The Vault
  4. Those Vegan Pizza Guys
  5. Seitan’s Grill
  6. Got Not Beef


  1. Mono


  1. Picky Wops
  2. Temple of Seitan
  3. Young Vegans (also offer UK wide delivery)
  4. Club Mexicana
  5. Vx 
  6. Patty by Nature
  7. Arancini Brothers


  1. Greazy Vegan
  2. The Lazy Leek

South West

  1. Vx (Bristol)

Brands (in stores nationwide/online)

  1. Freaks of Nature
  2. Crookednose (Kefirzing water)
  3. Vivera
  4. Biomel
  5. UGO Thrive*
  6. Tideford Organics

Made to Order Cakes

  1. Heart of Cake (London)
  2. Cake by Preye*

Ice Cream Shops

  1. Ice Shack (Manchester)
  2. Black Mylk (London)
  3. Yorica (London)
  4. Karens Gelato (London)

Postal Treat Services

  1. Hannah Banana Bakery
  2. Ms Cupcake
  3. FlissFancy
  4. TrufflePigVegan
  5. VeganChocShop
  6. The Goodness Project
  7. Lady S Bakes
  8. Decadently Pure
  9. Naked Bakery
  10. A Kind Mama Bakery
  11. Cakes and Jars
  12. Soul Vegan Brownies
  13. Shortte Cakes
  14. Norty Vegan
  15. Pastry Boy
  16. Rachel’s Cake Delights
  17. Megan’s Vegan Pick ‘n’ Mix


  1. VeganStore
  2. TheVeganKind
  3. Alternative Stores
  4. Goodness Direct
  5. Field Bar Wine & Gins 
  6. Plant Power Foods



  1. Sova Vegan Butcher (Dublin)


  1. SimplyV


  1. Sunrise Organics (Bournemouth)


  1. Dash Vegan (Nottingham)


  1. Miss Claire Rose


  1. Little Shop of Vegans

Jewellery, Clothing, Candles etc.

  1. Vegan Jewellery
  2. Harpers Bizarre Candles
  3. The Little Cottage Candle Co
  4. Vegan Bunny Co
  5. EvicalWorld
  6. The Wilton Street Craft Co
  7. Sassy Spud
  8. Prima Vegan
  9. All Glamour No Guts
  10. Ecowings


  1. Grace’s Vegan Pantry
  2. PBArtisan
  3. Jeavons Toffee
  4. Rawsome Hackney
  5. Mummy Meagz
  6. Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate*


  1. Plant Based Cards
  2. Wanderlustingg (Art, Pillows, Mob Cases etc )
  3. Ali Chappell Bates Art
  4. Moon & Bear  (Art, Home Decor)